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Reporting in Golf Central

Golf Central
Extensive real-time reporting allows you to keep tabs on your business and your team.

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Manage your business like a pro!

Golf Central brings it all together, real-time reports help you make business decisions based on actionable data

Reporting in Golf Central

At the heart of any well run business is the ability to see where you were, where you are, and where you are going. Our well designed dashboards and extensive reporting allows you to closely monitor trends and detailed real-time statistics to make informed business decisions.

The real power behind Golf Central isn't its ability to book real-time into your digital teesheet, it's the powerful reporting that allows you to analyze specific business functions and sales trends that aren't always obvious until it's too late. Real-time analysis of your pipeline, sales, and cost of doing business give you the power to focus your energy in the areas of greatest profit generation.