Streamline Your Golf Operations

Golf Central, designed to make golf vacation packaging easier

We take the spreadsheets, printed rate sheets, multiple systems for reporting and recording, and bring it all into one system. Golf Central was specifically designed for golf packaging call centers to manage accommodations, golf rounds, and amenities all in one place.

Add a Guest Portal and allow your guests to manage their groups and make payments online! This simple to use Guest Portal will dramatically reduce calls to your call center by guests trying to make payments, freeing your team and phone lines up to continue working with new guests.

Add a CRM to manage your sales cycle from start to finish. Easily set up forms on your website to feed into the CRM, manage your leads and contacts, and so much more!

Golf Reservationist Dashboard

Everything your reservationists need to know in one concise dashboard. Easily review quotes, reservations, arrivals, payments due, leads, and more without flipping through multiple browser tabs.

Manager and Accounting Reports

In-depth reports and a robust manager dashboard give you real time analysis of where your company is at all times. Make business decisions based on relevant and actionable data!

Golf Reservations

Manage your entire pipeline, from lead generation, to confirmed booking. Golf Central is tightly integrated with our CRM, giving you one of the most comprehensive golf reservation management solutions on the market.