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Accommodations and Rate Management

Accommodations management Golf Central
If you don't have accommodations inventory, Golf Central has the perfect solution with our accommodations and rate management system.

Manage Resorts


Manage rooms and room types


Manage your rate sheets


Book live into resorts that have enabled it

Accommodations and Rate Sheet Management

We make it easy to manage your resorts, units, and rates in a central reservation system.

Accommodations and Rates

Accommodations management Golf Central

W3Effect can work with you to book live into your property management system, or for those that do not maintain their own inventory, we provide a solution that allows you to manage the resorts, rooms, and rate sheets for the accommodations that you offer through third parties.

Using our rate management tool you can easily adjust rates for each room, or upload your rates kept in Excel or CSV directly into the system. Selling for one flat rate? No problem, simply set the default rate for each unit and skip the rate sheets all together.